Benvenuto a Italia

You’ve heard a lot about Italy. It’s about pizza, pasta, wine, cocktails, “La Grande Bellezza” alike parties, fashion and, wait, if you stay long enough on the streets, you might feel like in a Fellini movie. But this not all. Don’t forget the wonderful nature out there. You find it at its best in Tuscany.

Everyday is a good story

Imagine waking up in a magnificent hotel, enjoying green hills as your main view, taking a walk through the vineyards, discovering art treasures in the baroque museums and then having a great dinner, right after you’ve spoiled yourself in a spa. Now that’s Tuscany.

The cuisine of Tuscany

Perhaps you can’t talk about Italian food without mentioning the Tuscan Cuisine. Which is defined by simple ingredients and incredible flavors that turn into delicious recipes. Let’s see how it looks like - but don’t droll!

World's leading hotels speak tuscan

When travelling to Tuscany, one of the many reasons to enjoy it is the accommodation. Because here you’ll find some of the greatest hotels of the world: exquisite, luxurious, elegant and comfortable.

The time is now

There’s no reason to postpone your trip to Tuscany for the “one day” time. Book your flights and get ready for a great experience!